I'm trying to fix PHP and MySQL on a Debian woody system that might be pretty 
messed up. The system has some parts, perhaps some libraries, in Debian testing 
with the bulk of the system in stable. I thought it's been running okay since I 
made these system changes, but today I had to reboot it and php and MySQL 

I've removed and reinstalled the Debian packages from stable:
cn2:/var/www/centernet/htdocs/phpmyadmin# apt-get install -t stable php4 
php4-cgi php4-common php4-mysql php4-mcal php4-cli
Is it normal that the php4, php4-mysql, php4-mcal and php4-cgi versions are all 
4.1.2, but that php4-common and php4-cli are 4.3.10?
I tried linking or copying the files in 20010901 to 20020429, but that gave an 
error about a mismatch.

Any suggestions on what I can try to get this system back in working order? If 
possible, I'd like to stay within the Debian system, using Debian package 
management commands rather than downloading source and recompiling.

Thanks for reading through all this and for your advice and suggestions.

php4-cli and php4-common don't exist in stable, it's pulling from testing - I expect you've got apt-pining setup:

so I would start there...
        apt-get remove php4-common php4-cli php4-mysql;
        apt-get update;
        apt-get install php4-mysql;
see how that goes. You might need to re-remove everything. When all is said and done check your php.ini, in case it has remaining lines pointing at wrong libs/etc.

- Martin Norland, Sys Admin / Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257 The opinion(s) contained within this email do not necessarily represent those of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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