That works.  Thanks

In reality the quote is coming in from a mysql database and the ones that have 
" already are saved.

If my quotation is stored in a variable named $quotation is there a way of 
doing a search and replace --- search for " and if it is found replace it with 
\"  ?

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  try addslashes maybe ;)

  On 6/5/05, Ron Piggott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    I have a mail() question.  Take a look at this sample code below:  Pay
    attention the $message variable

    $to="[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
    $subject="Test e-mail"; 
    $headers = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";

    $message = "

    But prove yourselves doesn't and not only "hears".


    mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

    I have a mySQL database of quotations that one is randomly being e-mailed
    out daily.  The trouble is that some quotations have " marks in this such as
    the example above.  This bit of code doesn't work because the computer is 
    looking for a ; following the ".  Elsewhere in the quotation database there
    is the use of ' .  Is there a way to do a search and replace for " to ' ?
    The e-mails that are sent out are plain text e-mails. 

    I have used the

    $quotation = mysql_real_escape_string($quotation);

    to be able to insert quotes with ' into the mySQL table; is there a similar
    way to get around this problem I am having?

    Thanks :) 


    PS It is a really funny e-mail I just wrote and sure is computer in nature
    when entire words consist of ; " ' GRIN

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