> In order to create a session handling function that does not rely at
> all on cookies, I'm trying to use ini_set('session.use_cookies', '0')
> to make sure that the PHP server does not set cookies on page load.
> However, even though the ini_set goes through (as evidenced by the "0"
> in the ini_get()) the page sets a cookie every time with the name
> No matter what I do, that cookie still gets set, and I can't seem to
> get it to stop. Even on the simplest pages, it still sets. The
> following code still sets a cookie:
> <?php
> ini_set('session.use_cookies', '0');
> $x=ini_get('session.use_cookies');
> echo($x);
> ?>
> Even though the $x returns the correct value, ('0'), the cookie still gets 
> set.
> I'm using PHP 4.3.10 on OS 10.3 Mac, but the same thing happens on my
> ISP who serves the same version of PHP on a Linux box.
> Any ideas?

Is session.auto_start on (i.e., non-zero)? If so, that's occurring
*before* your script is compiled, and will be using the value for
session.use_cookies that is in the php.ini file.

One possible way to get around this is to do your ini_set in a .htaccess
file instead (assuming htaccess files are enabled, and you're using

    php_value session.use_cookies 0

Try that and see if it works.

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