...or if everything else fail, do it the ugly-hack style and us a frameset with an 1 px wide frame where you update the db... just target the update to the "invisible" frame and only that gets updated...

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Chris Payne wrote:

Hi there everyone,

I'm using PHP and MySQL in a shopping cart system but the client wants it so
that when you add an item to the cart the page doesn't refresh and we all
know with PHP the page MUST refresh in order to execute the MySQL query.  Is
it possible, maybe with javascript? That I can talk to MySQL without having
to have the page itself refresh when they add the items to the cart?  This
is really a pain as the system was basically finished and now I'm told they
don't want the page to refresh and they see other sites that don't refresh -
sigh.  If it can be done with Javascript, do you have a sample of how I can
use PHP, Javascript and MySQL together to achieve this please?

Any help would not only be appreciated, but would save my life.

Thank you.



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