My company runs a Linux based PHP website with a MySQL database backend.
 We also have several MSSQL databases deployed throughout the
organization.  One of our MSSQL databases has a process running on it
that transfers it's data to our MySQL database.  However this process
has become unstable and the data does not always make it over. This is
mission critical data and must be present on the website to meet
federal and state regulations.

Our director has mandated that we get rid of the data transfer and query
the MSSQL database directly.  I have found several very useful sites on
the net to give me instructiosn on setting this up.  I installed
unixODBC and FreeTDS and set up a test server using fedora core 1. 
When  I first got unixODBC and FreeTDS installed, I was able to connect
to the database just fine.  However, when I rebooted the server and
tried to connect again PEAR returns a db_error object with a message of
[nativecode=IM002 [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found,
and no default driver specified] ** odbc://#####:#####/@#####"  {hash
marks added to hide username and password and ODBC name}.  I got the
message from the output of print_r($db).

After the reboot, I was still able to connect to the MSSQL database from
the console using isql so this does not appear to be an issue with
unixODBC and FreeTDS.  

Does anyone have a clue as to why this happened and what I can do to get
this working?  

Thank you,
Robbert van Andel

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