>From the manual's user supplied comments:  (Looks like this is for a windows


   // Use this code to write directly to the COM1 serial port
   // First, you want to set the mode of the port. You need to set
   // it only once; it will remain the same until you reboot.
   // Note: the backticks on the following line will execute the
   // DOS 'mode' command from within PHP
   `mode com1: BAUD=9600 PARITY=N data=8 stop=1 xon=off`;
   $fp = fopen ("COM1:", "w+");
   if (!$fp) {
       echo "Uh-oh. Port not opened.";
   } else {
       $e = chr(27);
       $string  = $e . "A" . $e . "H300";
       $string .= $e . "V100" . $e . "XL1SATO";
       $string .= $e . "Q1" . $e . "Z";
       echo $string;
       fputs ($fp, $string );
       fclose ($fp);

Mark Cain

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any one to know, how to send ascci file to com1 port from php ??


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