I have a small problem.
I am trying to connect to oracle using php.i get strange results.please see the 
code below.

function check_database($login,$password) {
global $db;

echo"checking authentication <br>"; 
$conn = ocilogon($login,$password,$db);
echo "$conn";
if (!$conn) {
echo("Error during ocilogon");
echo "<p>";
echo "</p>";
echo" <br> after authentication";

if(isset($checkpass)) {
if(check_database($login, $password)) {
echo "<h2>Login Success!</h2>";
} else {
echo "<h2>Login Failed</h2><p>Bad username or password.Try again:";

in the above code for checking the authentication of login , there is some 
value assigned to $conn,"Resource id #5 ". and also if(!$conn)is not executed 
but after the funtion exit, the else statement (echo "<h2>Login Failed</h2>) is 
can anyone tell me where the problem is.

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