used is a column name, if you need to surround it use the back ticks (beow the esc key, same button as the tilde (~). That is why it shouldn't be req'd for the update, though the value may need to be quoted depending on the col data type


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This is kind of interesting ...

$query="SELECT * FROM quiettimequotation WHERE used = 0 ORDER BY RAND()


$query="SELECT * FROM bibleverses WHERE 'used' = 0 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1";

doesn't!  Having the ' around used makes that select command fail --- but
the UPDATE command requires it!

Thanks for those of you who responded to my question below. I am creating a
mailing list for my web site that I am wanting each entry which is randomly
selected from the database to only be used once and not be available again
until the entire list has been used.  I needed the UPDATE command to change
the used column all back to 0 again once the last entry had been selected
from the database.  I think I like programming mySQL stuff :)  Ron


>Does the UPDATE command only change one row or each occurance if the the
>criteria repeat itself through the table?

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