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babu wrote:

> Ya joseph u r right, i am thinking of the url to be generated to be send to 
> the user.
> I followed u r steps but did not understand some points.
>>>2.) Store that string to the database somewhere
>         where to store in database, i mean when the user clicks the 
> activation code how to check the users identity.?

I actually made this exact functionality for one of my projects a few weeks
ago. I made a seperate table simply called 'confirm', that contains the
userID for the user in question, the confirmationcode to match, and the
expiration time for this confirmationcode, plus an auto-incremented index

In the users table I then simply have a boolean field called 'confirmed',
that's set to 0 (false) by default. When a user's email address have been
confirmed, this field is changed to 1 (true).

The only reason I have expiration time in this table is for cleanup

>>>3.) Email the mail to the address specified with the url to the confirm page
>       one must send the email manually or is there any automatic generator 
> for email sending to users.?

Read up on the mail() function. It's actually pretty simple.

All you have to do is send an email, with some proper explanatory text,
with a link to your confirm.php script (or what you choose to call it),
either with a direct link with a get statement including the confirmation
code, or with a link to the confirmation script, and then the confirmation
code and instructions on how to enter it. Or at best: offer both options.

Then simply have your user registration/signup code send the email whenever
a user registers.

>>>this will confirm that they did in fact check thier email.
>  how exactly, can explain little bit.?

Make the code generate a unique confirmation code (this is pretty simple),
and then just have your confirmation script compare the confirmation code
with the one in the database. If there's a match then the user to whom you
sent that particular code is confirmed.

All of the code needed to do this is actually fairly simple to write.


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