I'd recommend you use what mysql provides for this. Auto_increment flag.

Here's more information on how to make your id column be an auto_increment primary key.


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I have a site that allows reporters to enter their articles into a forum. I am then spilling their articles onto the main page from a MySQL dbase via a php script, read "LATEST ARTICLES".

I am now entering the data myself after they email it to me, however this is becoming more of a task I dont' have time for as the number of articles increase per day.

Right now, I have an addarticle.php page where they can enter their information. I have ran a test of this script, and it works great. However, I have been entering the PHP IDs myself in ascending order (i.e. 0005, 0006, 0007) because I can see all of the articles.

The reporters however are not able to see these articles, and instead of having them enter a random php ID, I'd like my add script to check for the last ID entered and then enter the number above (i.e.... add row to table, check PHP ID, if 0007 is last row entered, enter 0008 for php ID for new article).

Does anyone know how to add this particular command to a page, and if so, where?

Thank you in advance.

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