Hi there everyone,


I've written a simple forum in PHP for my website (It's an artistic
Jean-Michel Jarre website called Planet Oxygene where I experiment with all
things tech) but I want to add threading to my messages but I'm not sure of
the theory for such a thing.


For example, I know I need ID, messageid, forumid and messagerootid (Just
example names) but I'm not sure of the theory of how replies to replies etc
... would work in PHP with MySQL?  I guess I'm just confused on the whole
threading business and I'm just looking for some good explanation of how I
can easily add threading to my messageboard (Assuming my messageboard is
just an average system which adds the ID as an auto-numerator, the messageid
and all subject etc ...).


Any help would really be appreciated just on the basics of how threading
works so I can work out the code.


Thank you for your help on this, a very confusing subject for me :-)



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