I wanted to clarify my question from yesterday, as re-reading it, it 
sounds quite confusing.

I have a CVS file that has order header *and* line item info on each line, 

1110,6/20/2005,Jan Doe,123 Main St,99990000,1,Book
1116,6/22/2005,Jim Smith,44 Here St,19191980,1,CD
1116,6/22/2005,Jim Smith,44 Here St,77736222,1,Tape

The above is actually two orders - one with one line item, and the 2nd 
with two line items. I need to insert data from those lines into two 

insert into order_header (o_num, date, name, addr)
        values ('1110','6/20/2005','Jan Doe','123 Main St'),
               ('1116','6/22/2005','Jim Smith','44 Here St');

insert into line_items (o_num, item_num, quan, desc, line_order)
        values ('1110','99990000','1','Book','1'),

Note the line_order field - it needs to increment per order for each line 
item added to the line_items table. To complicate matters a bit, I'm 
actually massaging the data before inserting [eg: splitting the name field 
from the CSV into two fields for the mysql db, formatting the date field 
for mysql, etc].

I'm currently doing this process via a form where a user uploads the CVS 
file [created with Excel, complete with the first row being made up the 
Excel table's header]. 

I currently do something like this:

$fp = fopen("/tmp/"."$txt_file", "r");
 while ($line = fgets($fp,1024))
  if ($i > 1) { // skip excel header row
    list ($o_num, $date, $name, $addr, $item_num, $quan, $desc) = 
    // i can now print the vars, but i get duplicate header records when
    // there are multiple line items for a particular order. also, i 
    // need to generate the line_order field for insertion into the 
    // line_items table

If I try and do any processing up where my comments are, well, the 
comments tell you what happen. I know I am reading this file line by line, 
so I can't compare order numbers [o_num] to group multiple line item 
orders together. So how do I go about doing that? Read the entire CSV into 
an array? How can that help? Any tips would be most appreciated!



p/s - FYI, cvs_explode() is:

        function csv_explode($str, $delim = ',', $qual = "\"") 
        $len = strlen($str); 
        $inside = false; 
        $word = ''; 
                for ($i = 0; $i < $len; ++$i) { 
                        if ($str[$i]==$delim && !$inside) { 
                        $out[] = $word; 
                        $word = ''; 
                        } else if ($inside && $str[$i]==$qual && ($i<$len && 
$str[$i+1]==$qual)) { 
                        $word .= $qual; 
                        } else if ($str[$i] == $qual) { 
                        $inside = !$inside; 
                        } else { 
                        $word .= $str[$i]; 
        $out[] = $word; 
        return $out; 

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