I make part of a team where we have created a system which produces reports.
The reports are produced based on selection criteria which the user sets
from an oracle database. 

The problem we are facing is that when the users selects a big time frame
the report just freezes, the status bar displays 'done' the IE (our
preferred browser) window flag stops animating and report does not show
anything, only a blank page. I am suspecting a time out somewhere. I am
using the function set_time_limit and some of the reports did improve but
still facing the problem with others. 

Each report has a main SQL based on which the report is generated. I am
guessing setting set_time_limit prolongs the timeout of the generation of
the report by php, but i am suspecting, either:
        1 - The sql is taking too much time to get back with some data on
which php will still time out.
        2 - Some other time out exists (e.g. Apache).

if so 1 can somebody advice how to set this other time out if it exists or
some other way to workaround this.
if so 2 do somebody knows how to override this through php or some other way
to workaround this.

Any feedback / ideas are very much welcomed

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