Obviously Michelle the instructions provided with the subject "Re: list test 
subject" was for Windows users.  Not that hard to figure out!  But thanks for 
your smart, i think, response.
Some emails maybe delayed due to DNS issues global.  One instance was I sent an 
email this morning to a server on the other side of the world to me.  To this 
point it is not delivered nor have I got a response saying it bounced.  I bet 
it arrives in the morning or sometime in the near future before the 3 days give 
up period some emails are given.
Another is I tried to load http://www.getpaid2reademails.com/ and I can't 
access it but people elsewhere can.  When I ran anonymous browsing it works.  
(another location)
This list seems to be working fine now, I just got a swag of emails sworming in 
all at once.  But when I see the date/time emails were sent I see there is 
quite a delay in some hitting the inboxes.
But it's great to see people interested if the list is still ACTIVE... Rather 
than forgetting it exists if people don't get emails every so hours.  The list 
has lovers.. :)
Michelle, go back to your little box.

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