Hi, I'm having problems getting started with PhP..

I have a postgreSQL installation on my iBook (Mac-OSX 10.3.9), which runs perfectly as I've been using it for months.

I checked phpinfo() and it showed version 4.3.11, so I got the source for 5.0.4 and installed it. However, phpinfo() still says 4.3.11. I stopped and started apache .. anything else I need to do ?

Also, if I try the source from this tutorial <http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/60/1.php>, I get ..

'Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pg_connect() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/toto.php on line 10'

Yet if I look in phpinfo() again, I see ..

'supported databases
MySQL ODBC PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server FrontBase Oracle 8 (oci8) Sybase-CT'

I'm trying to do a database back-end for a friend's e-commerce site .. but if I can't even use the simplest php commands.. :-(




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