Thanks for your reply, Des; unfortunately, your suggestion had no affect.  I 
realize this is technically a PostgreSQL issue, but rationalized my request 
help here because (1) this is the PHP-DB list and PHP is used with MySQL and 
PostgreSQL more than any other databases, and (2) I assumed that since PHP5 and 
PostgreSQL 8.0 have been released, there are many developers who have had to 
deal with this or a similar problem.


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Le 27 juin 05, à 20:31, Mark Galbreath a écrit :

> I have to upgrade a web app from PHP 4.3.11 with PostgreSQL 7.2 to PHP 
> 5.0.4 with PostgreSQL 8.0.3.
> Currently I have PHP4 (as Apache 2.54 mod on port 80) and PHP5 
> (default CGI mode on port 8181) running concurrently on my DEV box.  I 
> installed PostgreSQL 8.0.3 on the DEV box as well.
> On the PostgreSQL 7.2 server, I did a pg_dumpall > db.out and ftp'd 
> db.out to the PostgreSQL 8.0.3 (DEV) server.  When I attempt to 
> pg_restore db.out, the PostgreSQL archiver aborts with the error: 
> "input file does not appear to be a valid archive"
> I'd sure appreciate a clue on this issue!

Try -format .. and output it as ASCII ... I _seem_ to recall having a 
similar issue a month or so ago .. this is really a PostgreSQL issue, 

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