Denio Mariz wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to execute multiple queries using mysql_query() function and
> I'm getting an error to check SQL syntax.
> My PHP code looks like:
> //-------------------------
> $sql="select x from y ; insert into y values ( 1, 2 )";
> mysql_query( $sql ) or die( mysql_error() );
> //-------------------------
> Maybe the problem resides on the character ";", but this queries run
> without problems when typed on "mysql" command-line tool. So, if it works
> on "mysql" command line, why it doesn't work using mysql_query() ?
> Any hint ?
If you look at it will tell you that the query shouldn't
end with a semicolon ";" What it really should say is the query shouldn't
_contain_ a semicolon. This is php attempting to protect you from SQL

Just do a separate mysql_query for each query.

David Robley

Friction can be a drag sometimes.

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