I have never used the DISTINCT clause, so I won't attempt to help in any detail, but look it up in the manual. I think it will help you.

Regards ... Ross

Larry Sandwick wrote:

Can you help me with this query below  Mgr's could circumvent the process by
login 20 times in 1 day and change the login attempts. This is a rolling 30
window my upper mgmt would like to track.

select user, count(user) as num from LoginTrack where user and t='M' and DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 30 DAY) <=date group by user order by num desc";

I have a dilemma trying to combine the data below. The problem is that when
users login several times a day I only want to count it a 1 login not 5 or
more. I tried group by date and because the time is in the date that did not
work. Any help would be appreciated !!!

Ideally the data below should return mgrtft 1 mgrschultz 2 mgrreid 1
// MySql Table data below:
varchar datetime char user date t
mgrtft  2005-06-21 10:17:00     M
mgrtft          2005-06-21 10:16:00     M
mgrschultz      2005-06-21 09:12:00     M
mgrschultz      2005-06-21 08:56:00     M
mgrschultz      2005-06-21 08:26:00     M
mgrreid 2005-06-21 08:26:00     M
mgrschultz      2005-05-21 08:16:00     M
mgrschultz      2005-06-21 08:07:00     M
mgrtft          2005-06-21 07:46:00     M

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