I think I have identified the cause of the problem.

If I write my scripts in notepad, then the problem does not happen.

If I write my scripts in PSPAD, my editor that for 2 years has never given me any cause for concern, then I get the problem.

Perhaps I have changed some setting in PSPAD to save end of file markers differently or something? I don't know. I certainly haven't played with any setting recently.

Here's the really scary part. Literally 15 minutes before this started happening, I sent another message to this same list asking if anyone knew of a better code editor than PSPAD. I find this timing eerie.

Um. Anyone know of a good code editor?

I'll keep you all posted in case this turns out to be wrong. And I'm sure even if it is PSPAD it will be something I have done in it and not the product itself. I really don't want to tarnish a free product that has served me very well for so long. As already said, I have NEVER had any problem with PSPAD before.

thanks list .. Ross

Bastien Koert wrote:

Perhaps there is an encoding issue in the file(s) that the server is not recoginizing? Could you post the code you actually use?


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Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 09:41:55 -0500

Ross Honniball wrote:


echo 'script 1 before';
echo 'script 1 after';


echo 'hello from script 2';

which in IE visually produces:

script 1 beforehello from script 2script 1 after

However if I view the source in IE, I get:

script 1 before?hello from script 2script 1 after

I can't say I've ever run into it, but I would guess it relates to <? ?>'s. Perhaps your Apache server configuration changed and it no longer recognizes <? start tags and only <?php - but then it shouldn't be echo()ing, rather just emitting the whole of the file or some such.

I'd suggest using telnet and issuing your get statement right there

telnet yourserver 80

this should give you exactly what your server returns on such a request, minus any customizations it has for the useragent. View source can lie sometimes, unfortunately.

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