Am 2005-07-06 14:55:46, schrieb JeRRy:
> Is there a way to "spoof" away who continues to
> send a virus via this mailing list.  Why does this address need
> privlidges to send to the list anyway?  The sender is using this to
> make it look like from the list but we all know it's fake.  Well most
> do, I hope noone got caught out, because who's liable if they do?  The
> list owners?  I hope not but it points that way.
> Or does that email address repressent something else to the list?
> I have not seen anyone consider pointing this out, or maybe the list
> admin are not about as often as daily.  

In procmail:

* ^Mailing-List:.*(php-)
* ^From:.*(MAILER-DAEMON|noreply|php-db|postmaster)

> J


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