Hi all,

Yesterday I played with PDO and I ran into an unexpected behaviour.
In the following code, statement 2 is never executed because of a out of sync warning. But if you have exceptions enabled there is no exception thrown and you wonder about the result.
Should a new statement not override an old statement?
Why are there statement objects if I could only execute one statement?
Is this a db driver specific issue or because it's not implemented yet?
For testing I used PHP 5.1.0b2.

$pdo = new PDO('mysql:dbname=db;host=localhost', 'user', 'password');
$pdo->setAttribute(PDO_ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO_ERRMODE_WARNING); # Try in exception mode, too

$stmt_1 = $pdo->prepare('SELECT x FROM table');

$stmt_2 = $pdo->prepare('SELECT y FROM table');

// Returns nothing !!!
print("Statement2: \n");
while ($row = $stmt_2->fetch(PDO_FETCH_ASSOC)) print_r($row);

print("Statement1: \n");
while ($row = $stmt_1->fetch(PDO_FETCH_ASSOC)) print_r($row);

Jochen Vajda

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