Hi all,

I am using php as UI for creating database accounts(oracle,mssql) to users.when 
the users enters his information like name, number etc i will generate a random 
string(password), and mail it to the user.I will also make md5(random string) 
and create an account for the database for the user with md5 password.
when the user tries to login he enters the random string for password, i 
collect it and apply md5 and check the database account authentication.
my problem is with the login check. i could see the user created in the 
database, but when he want to connect to the database , it does not connect.
i have checked this entire process without using md5. it worked excellently.
i want to ask is it the problem of using md5, as it returns 32 bit strings. 
Does oracle or mssql accept 32 bit strings as passwords.
the other thing is, is it a good idea to trim the obtained md5 string to some 
10 bit  for creating and checking the database account.


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