Hi, I'm a designer of simple webpages, and an enthusiastic user of 
PHP applications that run with MySQL -- but I don't write, or think 
in, PHP, so I can't quite figure how to do this:

I run phpbb forum software (yes, I've asked at phpbb and at
phpbbhacks, no luck) and I have installed for our members a chatroom
kind of thing.

In the header (an include on every page in the site), are .GIF images
for navigation. I have installed a little hack (someone else's 
cleverness) that makes the private message button in the header swap 
to an animated gif when someone has a private message. And I'd like 
to do the same for the chatroom thing, which runs off the same 
database as the messaging system and the main forum.

It would go kinda like: any page loads or refreshes, and header code
checks the database for the number of chatters in the chatroom. Zero
chatters = static button image, one or more chatters = animated gif
button image.

Can anyone help with this, or point me at a simple resource? 

I'd be happy to swap some work-time back, for the favour.

Thanks for taking the time to read...

Email? My domain is elainemiller, with an extension of .com, and the
thingy in front of the "at" sign would be "Elaine". 

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