Alexander Veremyev wrote:

You could use next simple rules to avoid this problem:

1. Never change anything in your storage (database) by GET HTTP request method.
2. Never prepare any Web page by POST method.
3. After Form is processed (with a POST method) use HTTP redirect to corresponding GET page which should produce a result of processing. (it may be the same php script)

So you will have "getters" and "setters" for your Web application.
Only "getters" will be stored in a browser history in this case and users will be able to use back/forward/reload browser functionality without any side effects (also without requests to post data again).

PS Furthermore, such use of GET and POST methods corresponds to their description in HTTP RFC's

With best regards,
   Alexander Veremyev.

Hallvard wrote:

I have a page that posts data from a form to a mysql database.

The problem is that if the user hits the reload button on the browser, the data will be posted again, resulting in a duplicate record.

How can I avoid that?

How well would this methodology deal with people who double-click on submit buttons?

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