Pedro Quaresma de Almeida wrote:

I have two MySQL databases, on for aeromodelistas (aeromodelling) and
another for Códigos Postais (Postal Codes). I whant to do the
following query

SELECT CódigoPostal FROM Aeromodelistas WHERE CódigoPostal IN (SELECT distinct(CP4) FROM codigopostal.LOCART,codigopostal.DISTRITO WHERE codigopostal.LOCART.DD=codigopostal.DISTRITO.DD AND codigopostal.DISTRITO.DESIG='Coimbra');
This query is not working, and I do not know why. If I try the two
queries individualy they work, togheter they don't!?

But the question I want to put to the members of this list is the
following. Is it possible to do the following?

// first do the subquery
$sql_CP4s = "select distinct(CP4) from codigopostal.LOCART,codigopostal.DISTRITO where codigopostal.LOCART.DD=codigopostal.DISTRITO.DD and codigopostal.DISTRITO.DESIG='$nomeDistrito'";

$resultado_CP4s = mysql_query($sql_CP4s,$ligacao);

$linha_CP4s = mysql_fetch_assoc($resultado_CP4s);

// then use it's results in the main query

$sql_Aero_Dist_Masc = "select count(Nome) from Aeromodelistas where year(AnoQuota)=2005 and Sexo='Masculino' and Distrito IN $linha_CP4s";

How can we include the results (not just one) of one query in another

Is it possible?

The first question I have is what version of MySQL are you using? Subqueries (which is what you're trying to perform) are only supporting in MySQL 4.1 and above.

If you do not have MySQL 4.1 or higher installed, you will not be able to perform the query as you have it above, but rather, you might consider a way of performing the same query as a JOIN. I didn't inspect your query heavily, so I don't know if it's possible or not.

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