Helo everyone !
I find this problem and I think I am close to the solution but ...

The question: I need to import a few thousand of record storee in a *.csv file on my local harddisk, with my php application, managing my mysql engine.

So, in command line, all works fine, all records are correctly imported.
---------------- <command line code> -------------------------
>mysql load data infile 'c:\\datastream\\import\import
->into table iport
-> fields terminated by ';'
-> ignore 9 lines;
----------------- </command line code> ------------------------

But in my php app, because I am confuse a bit (use of ['], ["] and the definition of variables in mysql_query), I don't make this import.

------------------ <php code> -------------------
$a = 'c:\\\datastream\\\import\\\import';
$extra_arg = 'fields terminated by \';\' ignore 9 lines;';
$query = 'load data infile \''.$a.'\' into table import '.$extra_arg.'';
$result = mysql_query ($query) or die_mysql ("<br>Executia comenzii <i>$query</i> a esuat.<br>");
------------------ </php code> ----------------------

I get this output-error:
load data infile 'c:\\datastream\\import\\import' into table import fields terminated by ';' ignore 9 lines;
and the import doesn't occured.

Where is located my mistake ?

Thanks in advance.

cu respect, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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