All versions of ntwdblib.lib has this problem. The problem was introduced
when it was decided to fix another problem haver a char column with value
'aaa   ' would be reduced to 'aaa' by the php extension.

I have not tested this issue with the FreeTDS version of this extension
(so far only available under php5) but the problem could be fixed there.
Just replace php_mssql.dll with php_dblib.dll. You can download a copy
from my site (

- Frank

> I've found that since PHP 4.3.4 many people had problems with MSSQL 
> extension.
> PHP developers are saying that is problem with MS libraries, and there 
> is no possibility to fix it in PHP:
> Right now I'm using PHP 4.4.0, and still have problem with it.
> I understand that php_mssql binaries are compiled using ntwdblib.lib, 
> and that very library is causing trouble, am I right?
> Is it possible to recompile php_mssql with old version of ntwdblib.lib 
> (used in PHP 4.3.3) without negative consequences (memory leaks, 
> unstability, whatever)?
> Or using old PHP 4.3.3 is the only solution?
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> Bartosz Jakubiak
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