Hi there everyone,


I’m converting a video website from CGI to use Databases and they want me to
keep their existing layout.  However, I have a slight formatting problem.
I’m using PHP with MySQL and what I have is this:


Each page displays 6 videos, 2 are on the first row (Which has 3 columns
with the 2nd one being a hardcoded flash video) so the first 2 videos go on
the left and on the right, then below that is another row with 4 columns
which have to display the other 4 videos.


How can I format the table so that when the MySQL data is read in the loop,
it displays the data like this?  I can display it down the page no problem,
but it needs to be 3 columns across on 1 row with the middle column not
having any MySQL data and the 2nd row needs to have 4 videos, 1 in each of
the 4 columns.


Does that make sense?



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