> mysql 4.0.25
> php 4.3.1
> I seem to be unable to solve this problem without some help.
> A webpage is to list all the clients in a  mysql " Client" table.  Each
> client has an an allocated clid.
> Those clients who are listed, identified by their allocated clid, in a
> "Transactions" are to be highlighted in different ways according to
> progress of the transaction, the progress being determined on whether
> date values have been inserted into various fields.
> Since mysql select joining the tables lists only the clients whose
> appear in both tables.
> I have been attempting to create a temporary table inserting the data
> from "Client" and "Transactions"  and selecting from that but not
> successfully yet. But is this the way to go about it.
> The scale is an anticipated 1000 clients per month of which an
> anticipated 800 will involve transactions
> Louise

Hi Louise,

You should take a look at the LEFT JOIN syntax for SELECT statements.


Basically, you want 'all the results from table_a, and the relevant results
from table_b where table_a and table_b match.' You achieve this via using a


"Lost in thought..."

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