I'm thinking that you need a "LEFT JOIN" (see the mysql documentation) to do this. Basically LEFT JOIN (or RIGHT JOIN) allow you to select all the rows from the table on the left side even if they have no corresponding row on the right side (the values of the columns in the select that belong to the right hand table will be NULL where there is no row to join to).

But if you could be more specific - send the schema and precisely what you were looking to do I could give you an example of how to make it work.

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mysql 4.0.25
php 4.3.1

I seem to be unable to solve this problem without some help.

A webpage is to list all the clients in a mysql " Client" table. Each
client has an an allocated clid.

Those clients who are listed, identified by their allocated clid, in a
"Transactions" are to be highlighted in different ways according to
progress of the transaction, the progress being determined on whether
date values have been inserted into various fields.

Since mysql select joining the tables lists only the clients whose
appear in both tables.

I have been attempting to create a temporary table inserting the data
from "Client" and "Transactions"  and selecting from that but not
successfully yet. But is this the way to go about it.

The scale is an anticipated 1000 clients per month of which an
anticipated 800 will involve transactions


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