Select * from tablename group by customername order by serialnum DESC;


select distinct * from tablename order by serialnum DESC;

On Saturday 03 September 2005 12:34 pm, ziv gabel wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I just need something that I believe is very simple only I can't find an
> answer for it anywhere
> I have a database that each row has a machine, its serial, the customer and
> other details. The problem is that I have customers with more than one
> machine and I need to query for all the rows, but I don't want the rows
> that contain duplicate customers.
> The problem is that the only way for me to know the right row from let's
> say 3 rows that contain the same customer name is the serial number which
> needs to be the higher.
> So all I need a query to do that.
> Thanks in advanced
> Ziv

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