If you just need to know how to make the page refresh when you select an
item then on the select tab you add (if I remember right)
onchange:document.submit; (you can check www.w3schools.com if that's not

And if you just want to make the select from the db then its

Select distinct column from table_name order by column;

Then you can run through the option tags with something like
While ($line=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
        Echo "<option>$line[$x]</option>"

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Hi All

Hoping somebody can help me out here, fairly new to PHP and MYSQL, I
won't waffle on but, but here is my problem!

I have a database with four tables in it, I would like to call the
information from the table into a select menu, once the user has clicked
on an item in the select menu, it will go to a new page where that
tables (all of the columns) information will be displayed 
User selects an account number, (select Box), user is then redirected to
a new page andon that page user will see information related to that
account number... eg name, and other details!

I hope there is somebody that can help me, and do forgive me if this
seems to be a really noob question, but im pulling my hair out here!


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