As far as I know the "Unknown error" related to the mail function indicates that PHP could not connect to the SMTP server specified in php.ini.

You could load phpinfo(); and check to see what php.ini file you are using. Then check that for the SMTP setting.

FYI: doing a google search on 'PHP mail "Unknown Error"' got me multiple hits that would at least suggest checking your configuration.


Daryl Booth wrote:


I'm trying to set up a simple mail form but the following code:

gives me the error:

Warning: Unknown error in C:\FoxServ\www\Dad\contactform.php on line 87

Line 87 is the mail function line all of the variables are spelt right
empfaenger=recipient and betreff=subject.

According to <>  the syntax is
correct what am I doing wrong?

Php version is 4.2.2

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