I'm not sure if this is the correct distro, if not please let me know which
one I should send this to.

I am having an issue that I can't figure out.  I have a table that has a
HOME and AWAY fields in it.  I want to make those two fields (the result
will be one record in HOME and one record in AWAY per ID).

my sql looks like this:

select ID,HOME,AWAY where WEEK = '$WEEK' and USERNAME = '$username'

This loops to get all weeks and usernames in the table.  Can anyone help me
with the php code.  My problem is, if I have them looping through the users
in the table, how do I keep a variable for each record that is returned.


I have PIT in the HOME field and GIA in the AWAY field for WEEK = 1 with
username a blah (this would have an ID of 1)

I want PIT and GIA in the same dropdown, but also for username  blah and
WEEK =1 (ID = 2)  I have ATL in the HOME and PHI in the AWAY (the while loop
does this for me)  How do I keep the variable for the ID =1 equal to what I
pick from that dropdown and how do I keep the value from the second drop
down.  Can you help?  I'm not sure if this is explained well enough, let me
know if you need more details.


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