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Subject: [PHP-DB] Repetitive Result
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:02:48 -0400

I have a table created from two mysql tables which shows all Members of Congress with related data. The Representative's name is pulled from one sql table and the data from another sql table. When the php table comes up on the web page, the name of the Representative for Maryland's 2nd district appears for the 3rd through the eighth districts as well:

Representative  State   District

Gilchrest               MD      1
Ruppersberger   MD      2
Ruppersberger   MD      3
Ruppersberger   MD      4
Ruppersberger   MD      5
Ruppersberger   MD      6
Ruppersberger   MD      7
Ruppersberger   MD      8

The rest of the 435 names are correct in the table on the web page. The data for MD districts 2-8 are correct. The correct names are shown in the sql table on the server for MD districts 2-8 and there are not duplicate entries for Ruppersberger. I tried changing the spelling of Ruppersberger in the sql table on the server and it changed for each of the results for Ruppersberger (districts 2-8) in the web page table.

Why am I getting the repetition shown above?


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