Hi guys,

this looks like a very simple problem but i really have no idea how to do
it.. please help me! thanks!

my MySQL database has a table of which 2 fields are as follow

T100FieldNm            T100Value
==========           =========
vehMdlCd[0]             MER
vehMdlCd[1]             LEX
vehMdlCd[2]             TOY

and I need to echo out the value for $vehMdlCd[0]...[2]. but when I retrieve
T100FieldNm from the database, PHP recognises it only as a string. Thus, in
order to get the value of $vehMdlCd[0], I need to do the following.

for($i=0; $i<$numOfRows; $i++)
   $tmpVehMdlCd = "vehMdlCd[$i]";
   $vehMdlCd[$i] = $$tmpVehMdlCd;

where $numOfRows has been calculated by doing a count of  all T100FieldNm
like "vehMdlCd%".

Can someone enlighten me with a simpler way?! Potentially I can have a 100
over different T100FieldNm! =(

I tried using settype and type-casting but still don't get the respective
T100Value! *sob*

Thanks sooo much!

Best regards,
Hwee Hwee

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