Humm.. in the form action you use a function called tpl();

What function is that, I find no reference of it on the function list.

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<form action="<?php tpl($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) ?>" method="post"

Beyond that it's just the $_FILES array and $_POST array.

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Hi, I'm a fairlly experienced developer but there's something that just
really gets to me...

I can:

   - Use a form to upload a file or files
   - Use a form to write text to whaever is needed (DB, e-mail

but I CAN'T

   - Use the same form to do both.

I've tried so many diferent things and never got my scripts to upload a
and insert data to a DB.

I find it dificult to accept this. Is this normal or am I doing things
wrong? Could anyone shed some light on this issue please?

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