Sure, not that hard...the usual trick with printing is to add this button

<input type='button' value='print' onclick='window.print();'>

To email it, I would add a button that has a link to the article (like the id reference no) and then with the onlclick open a small window with the form to add the email address(es). On submitting that little form, it pulls the article from the storage and either embeds it or attaches it to an email...depending on how you want to handle it...

Does that help?


Subject: [PHP-DB] Email Article, Print Article
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:50:37 EDT


I am running an article-based site, where I would like to add two buttons:
print this article and email this article.

Does anyone know where I could look to find out how to program this code
into my article.php page?

Thanks in advance,

Eddie Wonder

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