In your select, you need to remove the quotes around your defines, otherwise
it is interpreted as a quoted string.
So your select statement should look like:

<select name="myType">
  <option value=JOVIAL><?=JOVIAL;?></option>
  <option value=CHEERFUL><?=CHEERFUL;?></option>
  <option value=ADVENTUROUS><?=ADVENTUROUS;?></option>
  <option value=MYSTERIOUS><?=MYSTERIOUS;?></option>

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Hi all,

just a very simple question. my form has the following define statements and
select box:

define("JOVIAL", "likes to joke alot");
define("CHEERFUL", "always wears a smile on his face");
define("ADVENTUROUS", "likes sports and plays well too");
define("MYSTERIOUS", "there's always something to discover everyday");

<select name="myType">
  <option value="JOVIAL"><?=JOVIAL;?></option>
  <option value="CHEERFUL"><?=CHEERFUL;?></option>
  <option value="ADVENTUROUS"><?=ADVENTUROUS;?></option>
  <option value="MYSTERIOUS"><?=MYSTERIOUS;?></option>

after i post my form, the value $myType will be one of my define statements.
For example, user chooses "CHEERFUL" thus when i echo $myType, I will get
"CHEERFUL" but actually, what i really want to get is "always wears a smile
on his face".

can someone advise me how i can achieve this?? sounds simple but i really
don't know how!! =(

thanks in advance!!

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