Good morning Rodrigo (morning at least here :-) )

Take a look at this link:

I had the same problem and now it's solved.

The problem is that MySQL and maybe another DDBB, they doesn't expect the
data to be in utf8.

I have added this line:

$variable = mysql_query("SET NAMES  'utf8'");

before to insert the datas and before to select,
and now everything is working.

Let me now if yor try it and works.


Rodrigo Haces wrote:

> Hi all:
> Im  currently using php to connect to a database in another server, this
> is a intersystems cache database.
> if i do a query to my database and the result has special spanish
> characters like "´" (á,é,í,ó,ú) it returns me another character, this one
> changes from time to time, i just tried to make a test with the isql shell
> program, i connect and ask for the same query and in shell it returns the
> correct characters.
> If someone can help me please i'll apretiate.
> Thanks
> rodrigo

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