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Judging from the mail address (which can be forged by a 2yr old) - I'd say it 
was entirely automated.  What I don't get, is why messages like this get sent 
at all...

<babelfish translation for entertainment>
Crossed long time, be out of control loudly to say: "Deity elder sister elder 
sister, you if can exactly with me say a speech, I then die for you 1,000, 
10,000, also like the body ascends the throne happy, likes infinite." Suddenly 
the double knee knelt down, has done obeisance. Qiu Chuji said that, "North 斗大 
socializes with all one's strength with you, two evil spirits leaders one group 
of evildoers, are taking advantage of a an opening overrun to in front of the 
Double Ninth Festival palace. They as soon as come up set on fire burn view, 
the Hao fellow go forth to battle with that Huo all prince begin. Also is he 
too has a low opinion of the enemy, but the Huo Du Wugong also has a 
distinctive style, is strange especially really. The Hao fellow gets rid of 
when presently is slightly irritable, the chest has hit a his palm. Our busy 
knot protects. Only has been short Hao a fellow person, made up the disciple 
skill difference too was far, the law might then was limitedly. You if are 
inferior to time rushes, all really taught today 当真 is collapses completely. 
Now wants to come, calculated defends under the mountain the numerous disciples 
have not admitted mistakes the enemy, these two flows 妖人 no doubt is unable to 
climb mountains, reaches your Pakistan and the Huo Tu-2 person actually 
eventually prevents. This two people collaborate with dubhe to fight, we lose 
are cannot lose, but can like you win cleanly in no way is refreshed... ... " 
Is speaking of here, suddenly listens to the west cry cry resounding, some 
people move the bugle. Angle sound desolate intense, Guo Jing listens in the 
ear, cannot help but the heart steps the Yin, turns one's thoughts toward a 
loved one the desert, remembered the Mongolian yellow sand to be luxuriant, the 
campaign 无际 scenery.

What's the point in that? Seriously.

- Martin Norland, Sys Admin / Database / Web Developer, International Outreach 

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