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> something like this example
> (http://www.weberdev.com/get_example-4085.html)?
> Bastien

Thanks Bastien, that would do the job, ill study it to
adapt it to my needs.

Another thing, i have some flash buttons, (im ussing
dreamweaver), so once the records are displayed, user
can filter the info lets say choosing the lastname
filed, as its a precompiled button i only can specify
a link.

I saw once that with php you can specify pure code on
the link funcion is there any chance to specify in the
link section the filter code? like:

SELECT * from mydatabase where lastname = 'john'???

i think it was a way but i can´t find it now??

Also, do you have any experience with checkbox on a
form, i mean some tut??




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