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Subject: Searching remote web sites for content

I have a web site and google likes to count the inbound links. I have set up a way for people to add links from my site to theirs, however I would like to check whether they have linked back to my site. I ask them to nominate where the link back page is, and I could check this manually. But is there a way to check whether the remote page links back using a php script, so that I could get a report and follow up on exceptions, without having to check all pages that say they link to my site?

Yes, you can - exploit Google's search to do this.

You need to run a query for "" then screen-scrape the results. IE You'd curl or fopen() the pages with, for example

The for each page returned, use a regex to extract the HTML returned from Google, eg on

<p class=g><a href=""; onmousedown="return clk(this.href,'res','18','')"> - NetBSD Sverige</a>

You just want a capture pattern to extract the href value, which you then store in your database. Before you accuse anybody of anything, ensure you've waited a few days for google to re-spider their site. If their site doesn't appear in the index at all, it may be because google doesn't or can't spider it, rather than the back link isn't there - but in that case their link popularity is ineffectual and may as well be ignored !

Cheers - Neil

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