I think that you want to use ini_set() along with session.gc_maxlifetime.


Ron Piggott wrote:

The tech support which hosts my web site e-mailed me that the php.ini
file has $_SESSION[''] variables set for 19 minutes.  It is a server
wide variable which they do not want to change their system setting for.

Do any of you know if there is a setting that may be modified for just
my web site?

My other approach is this:  Is there a way through a PHP command that I
myself may clear the $_SESSION[''] variables and then re-instate them
immediately after clearing them so my web site hosting command will not
come into effect until it is truly needed?

The way I have this set up is that index.php keeps on being called with
a syntax such as index.php?request=function

Therefore I could cancel the $_SESSION[''] variables each time index.php
is accessed and then immediately re-create it ...

There is only one variable I am carrying in there and it is the account
which is logged in.  I could easily put it to another variable such as
$account = $_SESSION['active_account'];
#insert command to close session variable
#now we are going to start a new session
$_SESSION['active_account'] = $account;

Is there any way of doing this?


On Sat, 2005-29-10 at 12:02 -0400, Bastien Koert wrote:
Just a thought, maybe when you are checking for the session object that the ! (not) operator is missed

if (isset($_SESSION) { $_SESSION['some_var'] = 0; }

where it should be

if (!isset($_SESSION) { $_SESSION['some_var'] = 0; }


From: Ron Piggott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: [EMAIL PROTECTED], PHP DB <php-db@lists.php.net>
Subject: [PHP-DB] Re: My $_SESSION['''] variables are expiring!
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 10:20:57 -0400

I will ask them to check the php.ini file.

The session variables are working ... as in I have been in my account
and made changes (such as updated my address) so I know the computer is
keeping my $_SESSION['account_reference'] until *something* happens and
it it expires.  Then account_reference goes from my reference number to
0 because it has become unassigned.


You need to have them check the php.ini file. This holds all the info
the installation. If It might be that the browser is not accepting the
session cookies, which is a possibility. The options then are to:

1. store the session id in the URL
2. place the session id in a hidden field
3. try placing it in a regular cookie.

You may want to check your browser setting to ensure that the browser
accepts cookies from your site


On Fri, 2005-28-10 at 20:59 -0400, Ron Piggott wrote:
My $_SESSION['variable'] 's are expiring.  How do I find what my web
site hosting company has their length set to so I may have them

They just expired while I was actively using the associated scripts.
Once the web site hosting computer lost track of the user session number
generated when I logged in the script couldn't access my settings!



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