Hello, I have the following very basic sqlite test harness:

  $dbconn = @sqlite_open('testdb');

  if ($dbconn) {
    @sqlite_query($dbconn, "CREATE TABLE test_table (test_id INT);");
    @sqlite_query($dbconn, "INSERT INTO test_table VALUES (100)");

    $result = @sqlite_query($dbconn, "SELECT test_id FROM test_table");
    var_dump(@sqlite_fetch_array($result, SQLITE_ASSOC));
  } else {
    print "Connection to database failed!\n";

When running via CLI the script goes into 'sqlite_open', but never
comes out, i.e. none of the rest of the code is hit. When running via
apache and mod_php, it gets out of 'sqlite_open' with a valid
connection but never comes out of the first 'sqlite_query' call.

It does this without any errors or warnings. The database file is
present with correct  permissions. I'm running a standard php install.

I am using:
  php 4.4.0
  sqlite 3.2.7
  sqlite-php 0.0.5

Any ideas where things are going wrong? Or perhaps tips on improving
debug output. Any help would be appreciated,


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