I have the freetds installed and am able to communicate with MSSQL, but
only when i run the script from the command line.  When I run it from a
webbrowser, it fails.


Joseph Crawford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 11/02/2005, 08:00:43 PM:
> I attempted this a while back for a client who used a 3rd party database to
> get thier content, the database was on a windows machine and MSSQL, however
> they ended up not being able to fully fund the project so gave up.
> I did find one thing that you had to install on linux to get linux to
> communicate with MSSQL however when i talked with a lot of hosts they would
> not install it because it had security flaws and has not been updated in
> years.
> To furthur this project we would have to get a dedicated server and install
> the package that was needed
> http://www.freetds.org/
> I tried many things but i could not get php to communicate with MSSQL on a
> windows machine without the use of FreeTDS and even then it seemed to be
> particularly difficult, had to tweak stuff to get it initially installed.
> I hope this helps :)
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