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Alain Rivest wrote:

Hi, which one is the fastest: odbc or oci8?

I use PHP 5 with IIS on Windows Server 2003 with Oracle 8 and 9 on several Alpha Servers with OpenVMS. Which one should I choose, odbc or oci8? Does oci8 works with Oracle 9i?

For now I wrote my web applications with odbc support because the other apps at my job were usings that. But it's a bit slow and since I don't really know the difference I chose odbc...

Any advice? Thanks a lot!

Use OCI8 it will be fastest. Specifically, use the refactored oci8 driver,
which is not yet in the PHP 5 source bundle:

The oci8 driver works with Oracle 8, 9 and 10.

Ok thanks I'll try that!


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