you can try this

  while ($row = @mssql_fetch_array($result, MSSQL_ASSOC))
          if(!$row) {
          else {
       //process each registry from the query

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Subject: [PHP-DB] mssql_query returns a boolean false instead an empty recordset whenthe query doesn't match any record

Hi all,

    I'm moving my intranet pages from one server to a new one. In the
first server everything works ok but in the new one we are having
problems because every time that we are expecting a recordset and it
should be empty because the query doesn't match any record it is return
a boolean valued to false and we get this error when we call
Warning: mssql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MS
SQL-result resource

    The code we are using is something like this:

    $db = @mssql_connect("SERVER","USER","PASS") or die("I can't connect
to server");
    $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE false";
    $result = mssql_query($query);
    while ($row = mssql_fetch_array($result, MSSQL_ASSOC))
       //process each registry from the query

Everything works fine when the query match at least a record but
mssql_query doesn't return a recordset when it should return an empty one.

We have a debian stable installation with php version 4.3.10-16 and
freetds-dev 0.63-2.  To obtain  freetds  module  we configured and
compiled  php with  "../configure --with-mssql=shared" and "copied with
cp modules/ /usr/lib/php4/20020429/". I know it could be a bit
strange doing things in this way but it was the one I got to have a
stable debian and apache and php and freetds installed with packages.

I hope there is someone who could help me.


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