I suppose you could use "count( PDOStatement::fetchAll() )", but I
understand your amazement.

mysql_num_rows() is specific to MySQL.  He wants a PDO version.

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On Tuesday 08 November 2005 5:17 am, Rob C wrote:
> What is the recommended way to find the number of rows found by a SELECT
>   query? PDOStatement::rowCount() doesn't work with MySQL and is a bit
> of a hack anyway. Doing a COUNT(*) before the SELECT is very hackish -
> the data could have changed and it's an extra query. What is there
> that's better than either of these? Is there any way to use COUNT(*)
> without risking data change, such as inside a transaction?
> I'm amazed that there is no mysql_num_rows() equivilent, I get the
> feeling that I'm missing something obvious. I can only presume there is
> some technical limitation that I'm not appreciating, if anyone can shed
> some light on this, I'd like to know.
> I'm new to both PDO and this mailing list, so please be gentle with me.
> I'm using PDO 1.0RC2, PHP 5.0.5 and MySQL 4.1.15.
> Rob


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