Hi all,

Maybe I didn't explain myself quite wel, so I wil repeat the queestion in other words.

I would like to know which is the correct answer I should obtain from mssql_query. I have a server in which mssql_query is returning a false boolean when it should return an empty recordset (as is doing in the other server).

In other words, the question is why I have a server in which mssql_query returns empty recordsets when the query doesn't match any record and I have installed a new one in which instead of an empty recordset I get a boolean valued to false.

Which one is ok and what can be the problem with the other.

I know I can test in each query if result is false or a resource but I have more than a hundred queries and I would like to have the knew server with the same behavour as the previous one, which it is also how I think that it should work.

I'm sorry for the repetition of the topic, but I'm very interested in having a better solution than putting if's in each query.

Thank you.


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